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Trash loot items comparison

Grinding means we collect tons of trash loot. Which spots are really worth it in terms of guaranteed trash items? Make sure to get all monster knowledge to S level. You can buy Elixir of oblivion from loyalty shop for 25 lollipoints per item or 200 lollipoints per 10 elixir of oblivions. In latest Version […]

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New Boss Mainhand Weapon released

A New Boss Mainhand has been released in Korean BDO just yet! AP Monga incoming!!! Offin Tett World Boss Light of Offin Tett (Mainhand Weapon, Yellow) Base Stats 22 ~ 24 AP 7 Accuracy 2 Crystal Sockets +10 Damage against All Species +2 Critical Level +2 Attack Speed Level +2 Casting Speed Level TET Stats […]

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What the *** is this?

This is a site started by a bunch of Black Desert Online gamers. After playing the game since its EU release, we communicated with so many tinfoil hats wearing people… heard a ton of unbelievable stuff about how to best enchant, how to best process, trade, do this or that in BDO… so we decided […]

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