Trash loot items comparison

  • Grinding
  • 12.9K

Grinding means we collect tons of trash loot. Which spots are really worth it in terms of guaranteed trash items?
Make sure to get all monster knowledge to S level. You can buy Elixir of oblivion from loyalty shop for 25 lollipoints per item or 200 lollipoints per 10 elixir of oblivions.
In latest Version of BDO we no longer need Elixir of Oblivion, instead simply kill those mobs repeatedly until you reach desired knowledge level.


Pila Ku Jail

Trash Item:
Warder’s Token Piece (2400 silver) – 2500 – 2750 / hour = 6kk – 6.6kk / hour


Trash Item:
Centaurus Mane (2160 silver) – 2500 – 2750 / hour = 5.4kk – 5.94kk / hour


Trash Item:
Basilisk Scale (2000 silver) – 800 – 1000 / hour = 1.6kk – 2kk / hour

Desert Nagas

Trash Item:
Desert Naga’s Webfoot (1000 silver) – 2500 – 3000 / hour = 2.5kk – 3kk / hour


Feather Wolves

Trash Item:
Feather Wolves Tales (3000 silver) – 2500 – 3000 / hour = 7.5kk – 9kk / hour
You need high AP to grind efficiently here though. Min 220-230 Awakening AP.

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