What the *** is this?

This is a site started by a bunch of Black Desert Online gamers.

After playing the game since its EU release, we communicated with so many tinfoil hats wearing people… heard a ton of unbelievable stuff about how to best enchant, how to best process, trade, do this or that in BDO… so we decided to note all of those mind ***ing theses to see whether any of those are actually legit.

You can help!

Simply upvote a Tinfoil Hat, if you can confirm it! Write comments and/or share your own Tinfoil Hats with everyone.
Just press Submit to do so.

Have fun


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There are so many hard-to-believe, half-baked and crazy theories and rumours about gameplay "facts" in Black Desert Online out there among the player base.

But which statements are actually true - or at least kind of?

Submit your Black Desert Online tinfoil hats and have them verified - or not ;)